We are an integrated design and architecture studio based in London and working internationally

Our practice is founded in material and cultural research with a singular approach to design, one that marries analysis with a consideration of the emotional impact of each project. We take ideas as seriously as feelings and find solutions that are intellectually rigorous yet effortless and simple. The passion here is to create an environment of open conversation with our clients and collaborators with a focus towards the Arts and wellbeing.

The quality of the Studio's work is established from the agglomeration of Jenny Jones’ status as a chartered architect and a visiting lecturer on the MA interior design program at the Royal College of Art, who trained in the offices of Rem Koolhaas and Richard Rogers.

We offer services from strategic vision assessments through to the finest detail of implementation on projects and briefs of all scales.

We are an independent studio, allowing us to concentrate on delivering a focused and dedicated service. We have also formed collaborations and partnerships to deliver to specific briefs and programmes.



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Royal Institute of British Architects Chartered Practice


Design Strategy, Architecture and the Space Between

Studio Jenny Jones | Frank Cohen | Nicolai Frahm | Paul Raeside | Yoshitomo Nara | Film by Andrew Telling

The Dairy Art Centre

How to repurpose a disused industrial shed into an international art venue

Architects | STUDIO JENNY JONES | Structure MILK | Contract Administration VERTICE | Approved Inspectors MLM

No.5 III

Loft refurbishment - how to enhance the existing

Studio Jenny Jones | Fjord | Accenture Interactive | Studio Roco


How to create a space to inspire innovation for a company culture

Studio Jenny Jones | Leon Kacinari

Talking about transformation

Sui Generis | Artist Residencies in the City | A new economy

Studio Jenny Jones | GAA Foundation | European Cultural Centre



Royal College of Art | Visiting Lecturer | Platform

Interior Futures

MA Interiors Programme, Department of Architecture

Studio Jenny Jones _ Arup

Arup Atrium Installation

Dynamic connectivity: a kinetic installation of light and reflections. How to connection between floors?

Studio Jenny Jones | Paul Raeside | Nocturne Workshop

Forever Table

How to create a junction between top and leg that seems a bit like magic

Studio Jenny Jones | Open house | Dairy Arts Centre

Contextual Research

Cultural Nolli, Mapping of WC1 showing cultural space as public realm

Studio Jenny Jones

Rainbow Ring

When materials reveal their process

Open City Education Program


Accelerate is one of the Open City’s free educational outreach programmes designed to support teenagers from under-represented backgrounds to explore what it means to study and work in the built environment.


“I believe that the design of the environment has a profound impact on how we behave and that by investing in the process of design thinking, as early as possible, the result will many more values, conscious and unconscious, above and beyond the financial cost of the works. The design process is an enormous recipe of technical and emotional ingredients, that are so specific to the context of each project; so specific and cumulatively have the potential to facilitate and inspire transformation on so many levels. That is why I lead this studio and that is why I believe in design- as a verb and not a noun.  It has the potential to create thriving environments that can create the conditions for us all to flourish."

I listen to my intuition as much as I research the facts and endeavour to create solutions that are simultaneously rigorous and have a lightness. As a team we spend much of our time “engineering out” the superfluous as we search for the essence. 

Perhaps this approach comes from the agglomeration of my experiences in the worlds of Rem Koolhaas and Richard Rogers and is perhaps rooted from several years of Stanislavski training in my teenage years; collaboration and the cultural context, technical and professional rigour and envisioning how we will use the space from a "method" perspective."

Inside Out & Outside In

We process our proposals inspired by the brief from the inside out, developed through interviews and workshops as to how it’s future users envision occupying the spaces and objects within, and from the outside-in-brief which is formed not just from the basis of providing an appropriate shelter but from listening to and observing the immediate physical context and the wider social and cultural context that the project sits within. We discuss why and how a space will be occupied, how it might feel and the movement through and into. The technical development deals with the specifics of exposure - sky or ceiling - exterior or interior or both.



The benefits of working this way are familiar because of Jenny's ( pre architecture) background in theatre where stagecraft principals are based on respect for all members of the team. From early engagement, which has so much value for the project, to being on site and the crafting of materials and assemblies with the trades, to understanding the priorities on a construction programme. By getting deep into what is actually the issue, what is the true desire and listening actively we can find innovate and keep momentum and keep on concept.


Good Design | Dieter Ram's 10 commandments of good design say it best. As he said "design should not dominate people...design should help people". 

Is innovative

Makes a product <space/place> useful

Is aesthetic

Makes a product <space/place> understandable

Is unobtrusive

Is honest

Is long-lasting

Is thorough down to the last detail

Is environmentally friendly

Involves as little design as possible

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